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ColorfuLaura has been in 3 different locations but don't worry, it has always been fun! The studio is now located on Starkweather in Old Village Plymouth and I plan on staying a while!

Are you looking for something new to do with a groups of friends? Maybe a fun birthday party or bachelorette or baby shower? Perhaps you would like to do a team building event to help spur creativity and teamwork. Or maybe your church or club or local community group would like a night out to do something to establish bonds or learn. 

From Girl Scouts to PTA to support groups and Non-profit fundraisers, ColorfuLaura is a fun place to make everyone smile while providing the lasting value of a genuine creative experiences that relieves stress and maybe will give you something of value to enjoy for many years
to come.

Prices vary by project and needs. Food and drink provided by you.


The studio has open times for anyone to come and create. Mostly for those who already have a project in mind or hobby they want to find space and supplies for, there are also simple art projects for someone who just wants to try something new. 

With thousands of art supplies at your fingertips for the price of 1, you will never be wanting for something to get your creativity flowing. 

Prices will be charged by seat time and if you just need a space to spread out, you are welcome to use the space for a small fee. Using supplies which are non-perishable has another price and full use of all supplies* is another price level.

*some exclusions or premium prices apply.

Check out our schedule of classes to join! Primarily specializing in adult creativity classes, you can be a total beginner and still come in and learn something tangible you can use to begin a new creative hobby or habit. Among the classes that range from crafty to fine art there are also Soul Enrichment creative exercises which I like to call "therapeutic art".
Art has always been known to relieve stress and by pairing it with inspirational text, imagines and music, you can get full self-enriching experiences that might just change your life. 

Or for those just wanting a fun time or to learn something new, we have guided art classes, paint and sips, kid/teen classes, art journaling, vision boards and many others. Class requests and ideas always welcome.

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