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...and this is Laura

My Story

Let's review...


I wasn't always a mom to four kids. Once I was young and daring and fun and so so creative. Once upon a time I was a real honest to goodness artist. 

As a graduate of Center (now College) for Creative Studies in Detroit I worked in Advertising, Marketing and Design for over a decade then broke out on my own. It wasn't until the birth of my second daughter, now 13 years ago, that I finally said I was done. Momdom for me from here on out.

But as the years wore on I learned that being a mother is a job that requires you to lose yourself and without careful work, it can be forever. So I started ColorfuLaura for all the moms out there who need to reconnect. And anyone else who loves creativity.

About the Studio Space


What's the whole point?

I love making art with friends. Making art of any kind really puts me at ease and for some reason takes away all my stress. I used to be so worried about perfection but through art I have been able to let go. I want to share that with you. I know that creating art can be intimidating (white canvas anxiety) and I know it can be hard to find the space and the time and the money! Art can be very expensive when one pack of stamps is nearly $20. I get it. I want to share all my stash with you, my space with you and give you what art has given me. Peace and self love. Time to take care of you.

ColorfuLaura isn't about making you a master artist. It isn't even really about making a great final product of any kind. It's about the process of creating, the things you get from learning to let go and to not plan, to not think, to move through art like a walk through a peaceful trail. It is a journey for the soul. Even young kids have benefited from this approach. Kids learn so young to compare, worry, feel bad about themselves if they can't do things. I think that is the saddest thing - to know they could spend their lives feeling like that. This is a space to let that go, to stop that cycle of negativity. It's here to be your happy place.

Come, be your colorful self. I know you are there.

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