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Mixed Media

Create like a kid again using paint, art crayons, paper, fabric and three dimensional items. Projects vary. Please check calendar for specific project and exact pricing. Adult classes have a larger variety and are more difficult but there are mixed media projects for kids as well.


Guided Painting

Generally thought of as a "Paint and Pour" but with a little more instruction and the encouragement to be a little bit more creative. Prices depend on painting skill level and canvas size. Kids classes offered too. Bring your food/drink.


Intuitive Painting

Meditative and soothing, we use music and experimentation to create one of a kind art. No "talent" is required but you will be pushed to let go of just about everything to open yourself to the healing practice of intuitive art (picture is of art created with vegetables)


Open Studio Time

Prices are set per hour and are determined by needs and usage. Hours can be divided up. Basic usage includes seat time, refreshments and all non-perishable tools. The next step includes basic perishables and the premium fee includes high end perishables.


Dream Catchers

From the simplest kid size version to large high end dreamcatchers made with premium silk, wool and vintage lace, these classes are some of the most popular offered at the Studio. Lace centers, modern designs and even traditional dream web weaving are explored depending on class.


Artist Trading Cards

Learn how to make mini works of art to give, trade with other artist friends or to trade internationally! Artist Trading cards and its partner, inchies (1 inch square art) are fun to make and trade and are a low commitment way to enjoy art. Adult and teens clubs forming.


Youth Learning

Youth classes range from single day preK art projects to multi week homeschool art history and portfolio enrichment classes. All classes for children art aimed to build self confidence, important coordination and eye training skills and provide a lifelong love of art.


Special Offerings

Art Journaling, vision boards, painting pouring and weekend retreat soul enrichment classes and more! You never know what might be coming up! If you have a particular interest or are just WAITING for a class to be scheduled please do not hesitate to request it! There is so much art to do let's make time!


* prices and descriptions provided for general information only

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